“Hello my friends and welcome to whitegumscommunity.org”
Rowan Classen, Co-Founder of White Gums Community

We are a visionary self-created intentional community whose aim is to embalaching all aspects of life that showcase the best of humanity.

We believe that each and everyone of us has a unique contribution to make what some call birth vision or purpose and if we all share our skills, passions and knowledge and colaborate we can create an extraordinary environment for our loved ones, family, friends and the people around us.

It is our hope, that the existence of a strong and holistic community will showcase the best that humanity has to offer and inspire others to take the necessary action to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

The White Gums Community members meet at least once a month on the land for gatherings, retreats, workshops or festivals, to collaborate and share with others.
For the duration of the retreat, we create magical village-like environments. Our aim in each event is to inspire, showcase and live in a harmonious connection between Mother Earth and its people.

We always enjoy having visitors from all over the world who come to share, learn and experience the magic of community.

The White Gums Community (incorporated in the state of NSW) is  a non-profit volunteer-based organization. Therefore all funds we raise at retreats, festivals and workshops are channeled back into the community.

Best regards from us all 🙂